Kestrel Racing is a North Carolina-based motorsports team headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are gearing up for the 2014 season competing in autocross, rallycross and chumpcar events throughout the Southeast region of the United States.

To support the team, we are currently seeking prospective business partners to advocate and promote by showcasing their company brand and product across a wide variety of venues. Sponsorship advertising space and product placement opportunities are available within all aspects of the team including our flagship race car, crew uniforms, Web site, press releases, and event documentation.

How much exposure can Kestrel Racing provide for my brand?

Our goal is to promote your image and to inject your brand as widely as possible into the motorsports community. In addition to the thousands of spectators and hundreds of drivers at motorsports events each year that will see your brand promoted on and by our race cars, you will also be showcased on our Web site, team press releases, and team promotional material and event documentation.

What about word of mouth and online promotion?

The Web is one of the hottest things to happen to motorsports promotion in recent years and has allowed millions of spectators and automotive enthusiasts Worldwide to publish personal multimedia-rich Web sites and Blogs. Spectators and professional and amateur journalists alike take thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video each year at motorsports events and club gatherings and create stunning Web sites showcasing the best of their photos and videos.

In turn, those photos and videos then get downloaded by motorsports fans and posted Worldwide to motorsports news and automotive club Web sites, Web forums and discussion groups, and forwarded via e-mail to friends and family. Dedicated fans with video production experience will even take that content and then create short music videos for other fans to download and enjoy.

Every photo—every video—of a Kestrel Racing vehicle or crew member uniform with your brand on it has the potential of reaching a Worldwide audience.

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