SiMedaL X-GT Wheel Review


  • GT3 Style Racing Wheel – 300mm Dia.
  • Rear Cover and Shift Paddles Made From Aluminum Alloy
  • 9 Buttons
  • 3 Knobs with Button Input
  • 1 Seven-Way Switch
  • Magnetic Shift Paddles
  • Clutch Paddles adjustable by combination button
  • 29 Total Signal Outputs
  • Wireless Support for SiMagic bases
  • USB Connection for Other Wheel Bases
  • Glow in the Dark Sticker Set
  • Quick Connect Options Available
  • Weight 1200g


The SiMedaL X-GT sim racing wheel is currently one of the best Audi R8/Huracàn GT3 replica steering wheels on the market. One of the key differentiators separating it from other competitors is the concave profile which accurately replicates the original wheel. This key feature adds a bit more complexity and overall cost to the wheel, but looks and feels amazing compared to other wheels.

Build Quality
The wheel feels solid. and well constructed. The front and rear housing are made of lightweight aluminum. The buttons have a nice tactile feel which work with or without gloves. The grips are made of a hard rubber material covered in a suede.

The quick release (QR) was fairly easy to install. For my install I used an official SiMagic 70mm QR. The QR attaches to an aluminum plate which is then secured to the back of the wheel with 3 allen bolts. The only difficult part was connecting the wire from the QR to the wheel which took patience. The connectors are very small and difficult to reach, but was able to attach it after a few attempts.

Once the wheel was connected to my base via wireless connection, everything ran smoothly.

SiMedaL is a relatively new company focused on creating high quality simracing steering wheel.