The Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Series and the Solo Events Board have announced the addition of several supplemental classes for the 2012 season. These classes, dubbed “Road Tire” or RT, are designed to give competitors who wish to compete within the Stock Category rule set, but do so on traditional street tires, a place to play. The classes will follow the existing Stock class rules, but limit the tire options to those with a 140 or higher tread wear rating.

National Tour events will see the addition of 6 RT Classes, 3 open and 3 ladies, divided by drivetrain. RTF will include all front wheel drive Stock classed cars, RTR will be for all rear wheel drive cars and RTA will cater to all wheel drive vehicles. These classes will be scored on Rick Ruth’s Racer’s Theoretical Performance (RTP) indexing system.

The ProSolo series will only get two of these classes. An Open and a Ladies class for all RT cars. The Open Class will be simply be denoted as RT, while the Ladies class will follow the traditional Ladies classing and carry an L4 designation. These classes will also be scored using the RTP index.

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