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Ncr Scca Smells Tt Spirit - 1994 acura integra - nccar

Kestrel Racing Heads to the Track

NCR SCCA Smells TT Spirit – Time Trial and Track Day at NCCAR – April 24-25, 2021 Acura Integra

carolina clash ncr group photo win

NCR SCCA Wins 1st Annual Carolina Clash Event

NCR’s next event is the 1st Annual Carolina Clash, held this year in Myrtle Beach, SC on April 14 through 15. This is a great event site so come support NCR. This event is the first year of this NCR vs SCR event. There is an event trophy for the winning team to take with…

Kestrel Racing Dominates The Cape Fear Cup Team Competition With 3rd Win


SiMedaL X-GT Wheel

SiMedaL X-GT Wheel Review

The SiMedaL X-GT sim racing wheel is currently one of the best Audi R8/Huracàn GT3 replica steering wheels on the market. One of the key differentiators separating it from other competitors is the concave profile which accurately replicates the original...
sim wind fans

DIY Sim Wind Simulator

A wind simulator adds another level of immersion to your sim racing experience.
sim rig bass

DIY Bass Shaker Setup

This bass shaker setup allows for an incredible amount of immersion to your sim racing experience. My current setup includes a TT25-8 transducer on the front left and right hand side of the rig. 2 TT25 transducers in the seat...