2016 Changes to ProSolo Rules

Section 20.10.I.2: Add the following sentences: “There are three trip beams at the Start line, each approximately 7.75” off of the ground; the Pre-Stage beam, the Stage beam, and the Red Light beam or Guard beam. The Pre-Stage and Stage beams are 7” apart, with the Red Light beam 17” from the Stage light beam. The Pre-Stage light and beam is only advisory to the driver and the light does not need to be on when the tree is activated. The Stage light must be on when the tree is activated and until the green light comes on (see Section 20.10.I.3). If the Red Light (Guard) beam is broken, the Stage light will go off indicating a “deep stage”. If the tree is activated while the Guard beam is broken, the red light will immediately come on and the run will be scored as a DNF.

Section 20.10.I.3: Replace 4th and 5th sentence with the following: “If the car is not staged with the Stage Light on from the time the tree is activated until the green light comes on, the Red Light will illuminate and the run will be scored as a DNF. This includes the car lifting and coming out of the stage light beam upon leaving the line before the green light comes on. If a car is barely breaking the Stage beam, the driver is advised to add a “flapper” to avoid staging problems upon acceleration (See Section 20.10.I.6 & 7). In the case of bye run where only one car is staged, the red light will come on immediately for the side of the tree corresponding to the empty lane when the tree is activated by the starter, while the side of the tree corresponding to the lane with a car will operate in the normal manner.

Section 20.10.I.6: Replaced with the following: “All vehicles may add devices (flappers) to break the stage, start, and finish light beams (trips).

2016 RTP/PAX index released

The 2016 RTP/PAX in out!

SS 0.835 SSP 0.872 XP 0.907 AM 1.000
AS 0.833 ASP 0.865 BP 0.883 BM 0.966
BS 0.826 BSP 0.863 CP 0.864 CM 0.916
CS 0.819 CSP 0.867 DP 0.879 DM 0.919
DS 0.811 DSP 0.855 EP 0.871 EM 0.920
ES 0.807 ESP 0.852 FP 0.880 FM 0.926
FS 0.814 FSP 0.840 HCR 0.838 FSAE 0.982
GS 0.806
HS 0.798 SSR 0.860 SMF 0.861 KM 0.954
HCS 0.817 SM 0.870 JA 0.878
CAM-C 0.839 SSM 0.882 JB 0.842
STF 0.809 CAM-T 0.834 JC 0.734
STS 0.832 CAM-S 0.848
STX 0.836
STR 0.841
STU 0.845
STP 0.837

GRM Street Tire Shootout!

Checkout Grassroots Motorsports – GRM latest tire test of the hottest street tires for 2015! View Article

The tires that were tested are the new Bridgestone RE-71R and BF-Goodrich g-Force Rival-S as well as the BF-Goodrich g-Force Rival, Yokohama Advan AD08R, and the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec.

SCCA Updates Match Tour Rules for 2015

TOPEKA, Kan. SCCA has made for changes to the Match Tour format for 2015. You can find the updated rules online.

Match Tours are the latest addition to the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Series. These events are three events in one package. The event starts off with a Saturday minimum four run Autocross, then a Formula 1 style Knockout Rounds Sunday morning, followed by the final show downs coming together in three different Shootouts.

The Super Shootout takes the Top 8 on index per heat from Saturday. The Knockout Rounds has everyone else take runs on Sunday morning. Each round dwindles competitors down until the top 4 per heat have qualified for the Club Shootout. The ladies are then pulled from those left to set the Ladies Shootout.

Toyo Announces 200TW Rated R1R Tire

CYPRESS, CA –Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. announced today that the Toyo Proxes R1R is now eligible for even more racing classes.  The popular extreme performance tire has been reclassified to have a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) treadwear of 200 AA A.  These new tires will be available beginning in January.

The Proxes R1R has proven extremely popular with the Street Touring classes of SCCA, both in the Solo®National Championships and SCCA ProSolo®.  It is designed with a high-grip compound and an autocross-inspired casing design which makes it ideal for the street, slalom courses or on the track.

“The overwhelming demand from the autocross community was a big motivating factor for the reclassification,” said Marc Sanzenbacher, senior manager, Competition Performance Products Division, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.  “With this change to a 200 treadwear, the Proxes R1R now meets the requirements for several racing groups including SCCA, Goodguys autocross, Optima Challenge, SoCal Challenge, Chump Car, LeMons and classes in Time Attack.”

The Toyo Proxes R1R has an aggressive, arrowhead tread design which also makes it popular for vehicle customization.  It was originally released with a grade of 140 AA A treadwear.  For more information or to find a dealer, visit www.toyotires.com/proxes.

2015 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Schedule Released

Below is a complete list of the national-level Solo events scheduled for the upcoming year:

2015 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Schedule

Tire Rack National Tour (Champ Tour and Match Tour): 13 events
•March 14-15: Cecil, Ga. – South Georgia Motorsports Park (CT)
•March 21-22: San Diego, Calif. – Qualcomm Stadium (CT)
•April 11-12: College Station, Texas – Texas A&M University Annex (CT)
•April 18-19: Crows Landing, Calif. – Crows Landing Air Facility (CT)
•May 2-3: Bowling Green, Ky. – NCM Motorsports Park (MT)
•May 24-25: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Air Park West (CT)
•June 6-7: Moultrie, Ga. – Spence Field (MT)
•June 13-14: Fountain, Colo. – Pikes Peak Int’l. Raceway (CT)
•June 13-14: Ayer, Mass. – Devens Airfield (CT)
•June 27-28: Utah – TBD (MT)
•July 11-12: Packwood, Wash. – Hampton Mills (CT)
•July 18-19: Toledo, Ohio – Toledo Express Airport (MT)
•August 15-16: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport (CT)

43rd Tire Rack Solo National Championship
•September 8-11: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West

Tire Rack ProSolo National Series: 11 events
•March 7-8: Blytheville, Ark. – Arkansas Aeroplex
•March 28-29: Irvine, Calif. – El Toro Airfield
•April 25-26: Crows Landing, Calif. – Crows Landing Air Facility
•May 9-10: East Rutherford, N.J. – Met Life Stadium
•May 22-23: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West
•May 30-31: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport
•June 6-7: Mineral Wells, Texas – Mineral Wells Airport
•June 27-28: Toledo, Ohio – Toledo Express Airport
•July 18-19: Packwood, Wash. – Hampton Mills
•Aug 1-2: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport
•September 5-6: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West

Additional information on the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Program can be found at SCCA.com/Solo.